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Adding a site

After account creation

Site details

After you have created an account, you will be immediately directed to a page where you can add your first site to start tracking Core Web Vitals metrics. There are only 2 pieces of information to add:

  1. A site name - this is a name to help you identify the site from within illuminatr.
  2. Domain - this must match the domain of the site you wish to track. For example, if your site is hosted at  then you can enter the domain as or It’s better to match as accurately as possibly but maybe you want to have the same tracking code on and, then the looser match of would have to be entered as the domain. It would be preferable to add these as 2 separate sites in illuminatr but the flexibility is there to set things up however you like.


When you have added this information, you will be provided with a script that must be added to every page on your site that you want tracked. This should be added between the <head></head> tags in the HTML document. Where you place the script between the tags isn’t too important but it’s best to have it close to the closing </head> tag.


With the script added, visit any page on your site and then head back to illuminatr. You will have the option to verify that the script tag has collected data. It may take up to 5 minutes for the first data to be processed. If after this time the site still cannot be verified, please read the steps here.

Adding a second site

After your first site has been added, you can visit /settings/sites to add more sites.

Switch site dashboards

On your dashboard you will see your site name in the top left corner. To switch to another of your tracked sites, click the name and select the dashboard for the site you wish to view.