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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a transaction?

A transaction is counted each time the illuminatr embed script sends Web Vital metrics from your site. Metrics are batched up into a single network request whenever the page is backgrounded or unloaded. This batch of data counts as 1 transaction even though the batch may contain multiple Web Vital metrics.

A page can be backgrounded when a user switches browser tabs, closes a tab, minimizes or closes the browser, or switches apps on mobile operating systems.

Page unloading can happen in different ways depending on your application. For example, with a Single Page Application, full page reloads do not occur on page navigations and if a user navigated multiple pages, there would only be 1 transaction. This is the same with a technology like Turbo. However, if a page navigation on your site triggers a full page load each time, then that will be 1 transaction per navigation.

Do I need a separate plan for each of my sites?

Not at all. You are free to add multiple sites to your account and your transaction allowance covers the total transactions across all of your sites. illuminatr is structured this way to make it easy to switch between sites from the main dashboard rather than remembering lots of passwords and switching between accounts.

Can I change plans?

Of course. It's easy to upgrade/downgrade your plan from within the billing section of your account.

Can I cancel my plan?

We won't make you jump through hoops to cancel your plan. You can simply cancel from within the billing section of your account and illuminatr will continue to collect metrics for the remaining days left on your plan. After which, no more metrics will be collected but you will still have access to the historical data from within your dashboard.

What happens if I hit my limit?

Don't worry, we know this can happen and we won't turn off your metrics collection or automatically bill you more. If you exceed your plan limit for two months in a row then we will inform you that we are upgrading your plan. At this point you are free to continue with the higher allowance or cancel your plan.