Historic CrUX data

The Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) is a dataset that reflects how real-world Chrome users experience your website. Enter your website origin below (eg. https://www.example.com) and view the last six months of aggregated historical data for all pages in this origin.

The CrUX dataset, part of the Web Vitals program, contains all the relevant Core Web Vitals metrics focused on user experience. This includes data for the following metrics:

CrUX gathers data from real web browsers globally and is dependent on browser settings that define user eligibility. Various dimensions and metrics are collected to assist website owners in assessing their users' experience.

CrUX data is publicly accessible through a variety of tools and is employed by Google Search to determine page experience ranking.

It's worth noting that not all origins are included in the dataset. Origins must meet specific requirements, such as being publicly accessible and having a sufficient number of visitors to create a statistically significant dataset.

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