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Verify a site

It may take up to 5 minutes for the first data to be processed. When you click Verify, if the data has been process then you will have access to your dashboard.

If your site is popular we will collect a lot of data and in order for the dashboard to remain fast, we aggregate your data every three hours. At this point, you will see updates on the dashboard for the current day.

My site isn’t verified

Common issues

  1. Is the script definitely present on your website?
  2. Has the data-illuminatr-id been entered correctly?
  3. Are there JavaScript errors on your site? Sometimes other errors can prevent our script from running.
  4. Does your site use a CSP (Content Security Policy)? If so, add our script to the allowed domains.
  5. Did you enter your domain correctly when setting up your site in illuminatr?
  6. Are you running a browser extension that blocks all third-party javascript?

Is the script generating data?

This is a little more technical but if you know how to use your browser Dev Tools then there is another check you can perform (using Chrome in this example).

  1. With Dev Tools open, visit your site.
  2. Select the Network tab.
  3. The select All in the options.
  4. Open another browser tab and then return back your site.
  5. It is at this point that the illuminatr script should have generated a payload of Core Web Vitals data.
  6. Under the list of Names in Dev Tools Network window, there should be an entry for
  7. You can click this and view the Payload.
  8. If this is present then it may just take a few minutes for the data to come through to our system so your site can be verified.

Contact us

If, after following the above checks, your site still cannot be verified then please contact us on