Allow illuminatr to shine a light on the user experience of your real-life users by measuring Core Web Vitals for their visits. As you make improvements, illuminatr will help you understand if you're on track for delighting your users.

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Is it delightful?

Users are 24% less likely to abandon page loads if your site meets all of the Core Web Vitals thresholds. Imagine the difference that would make to growing your traffic and your business. Sign up today for illuminatr to measure and improve your way to a delightful user experience!

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Is it loading?

Do you enjoy staring at a blank screen or a loading spinner? Didn't think so, and neither do your users! illuminatr reports the render time of the largest image or text block on your page (known as Largest Contentful Paint). This is an important visual cue to your users that something is happening and the page contains something worth sticking around for.

Is it usable?

Your users want a great first impression, so don't put them off with frustrating interactions on your site. illuminatr reports the time from when a user first interacts with your page (e.g. button click) to the time when the browser can handle the interaction (known as First Input Delay). A fast response makes the user feel like the page is usable and results in a more satisfying experience.

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Is it stable?

Content unexpectedly shifting when browsing your site is guaranteed to irritate your users and make them more likely to abandon their user journey. illuminatr reports the largest grouping of these unexpected shifts (known as Cumulative Layout Shift). Reducing this results in happier, more willing to convert, users!

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Our embed script is small and globally available, meaning it loads from the place closest to your users and won't slow your site down.

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Filter data

Dig into your data and track changes for as long as you have an account. Get faster feedback to see if your changes are working.

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Unlimited team members so everyone has access to the data. Allow all departments to be part of the journey to improve user experience.

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Multiple sites

Managing more than one site? Easily add all the sites you need under a single account and quickly switch between your dashboards.

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